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Hi, Welcome to my blog

I am Pradnya Jayant Ajinkya, Ph.D., an Occupational Psychological Counsellor.
My Education Level: M.Sc. Counselling and Psychotherapy, Doctorate, and PG in Journalism,.
Experienced technical writer and desktop publisher. Experienced in creating "from scratch" Special documentation. Special talent for writing stories, news, reports, and procedures. Familiar with qualification computer technology and industry procedures. Sharp in learning, think critically and communicate effectively.
My expertise is in Individual Counselling, Family counselling, Child and Adolescent Counselling, Rehabilitaion, Psycho-Educational Assessments, Anger Management, Anxiety and Depression Disorder, Grief and Loss, Incest, Bereavement, etc
I have successfully helped numerous children and couples, families and students work throughresolving relationships, improved communication skills, brought new insight and awareness to their personal lives, and sore high marks…….
I have also worked with couples on m…