Psychological Counsellor: Hi, Welcome to my blog

Psychological Counsellor: Hi, Welcome to my blog: "I am Pradnya Jayant Ajinkya, Ph.D., an Occupational Psychological Counsellor. My Education Level: M.Sc. Counselling and Psychotherapy, Doc..."


  1. I have had the opportunity to interact with Dr.Pradnya Ajinkya on quite a few occasions. The first thing that comes across during the interaction is that she is a genuine person.

    She has this uncanny ability to put you at ease and understand the issue from your perspective, offering unconditional support.

    She has been of tremendous help to me. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who has a genuine emotive issue or wishes to seek advice on issues which are very close to one's heart.


  2. I had met Dr. Pradnya recently, after meeting a few Councillors in Mumbai. But after meeting her, i felt that had met the right person finally.

    She really puts you in that comfort level. She is not biased. She has a practical approach. And very comfortable to talk to.

    She has brought a lot of hope in my life.

    Would really recommend her name, if anyone is looking forward to solve the problems in there life.



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