Are you living with a spouse and raising another child? – Case Example

Are you living with a spouse and raising another child? 
The partner is struggling at home where they develop a tendency to become distracted is a constant source of conflict. There is high level of distress and the partner is easily labelled as lazy, selfish with lack of love and concern. There is a large impact on the marriage and is ruining the relationship. The partner is consistently inconsistent. It starts from feeling responsible for everything to just chronic anger.  The responsible partner is left with the 100 per cent responsibility and has to be involved in paying the school and home bills on time and work through the day tirelessly without being helped or appreciated. The partner begins to feel ignored and unloved and feel they have no choice but to constantly nag to make sure things get done. The distracted partner is so involved in a computer or video game and is unaware of the latest mistakes confused by the partner’s simmering anger further infuriating the spouse. The anger and resentment and the feeling that the spouse doesn’t love the partner and is very lazy and uncaring about partner’s need build up. The partner typically has a hard time understanding how his or her behavior is affecting his spouse and others. The responsible partner begins to feel that he has three children and no one to help.  This behavioural approach is challenging since the children are young.  Traditional counselling with family and friends didn’t help. On the brink of the divorce, the partner found  Although the couple have only just started therapy, they are finally hopeful about their future together. The couple realised the critical piece, the distraction and loss of attention made in the marriage.