Coping with a serious stress over break up with college mate

Couples Clinic, Anxiety, Depression
Simmy, a 25 year-old college student was referred to counselling by family physician for  sleeping most of the day, missing class, and skipping meals.  Simmy comes to her first counselling appointment reluctantly,  but soon became comfortable in counselling and came to therapy regularly.  In treatment, Simmy recognised that the changes in mood and behaviour began immediately following the break up with her college sweetheart, because her sweetheart was having feelings for another girl/woman.  In future session, Treatment identifies feelings of grief, betrayal, and deeper down, hidden feelings of inadequacy. The therapy helps Simmy to have a breakthrough insight when she discovered that her depression was helping her to avoid these painful feelings. The recognition itself helped to loosen its grip. Simmy was regular to therapy and she began to identify and care for parts of herself. This helped to lift Simmy entirely.