Psychological dispositions and feelings of inadequacy in an individual

Addiction, Stress, Marriage, Loss
Jeevan, 42, is a worried man and feels miserable and cries and cries during his first interview with the counsellor, and he cannot express why. He is married with two girls and one boy, all three are healthy children, money or finances are not a problem, and he claimed to love his job as a pilot until recently. Now lately, everything seems empty and meaningless. He feels withdrawn and  distant from his wife and family. He develops secret habits like drinking and excessive smoking to numb his feelings. Treatment reveals rigid beliefs and  hidden feelings of guilt and shame about Jeevan’s perceived inadequacy as a son and now as a husband and father to his three kids. Quitting drinking and smoking turned out to be easier once he was able to talk openly, with both his wife and his therapist, about his deep shame, guilt and fear. He came regularly to therapy and was also administered medicines by the psychiatrist. After six months  he made good progress. He still feels at times with a diminished mood, but he is now feeling optimistic about his marriage, professional work and himself.


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