Hurtful words and abuse of kids may leave life long scars

Counsellor investigation with respect to 9 year old Prince who is recovering from maltreatment

Prince is a 9 year old child. Prince usually starts out with arguing about wanting to take a dozen pens to school. Prince would tell the teacher that his mother said it was good to carry a two dozen pens to school. The teacher was shocked, Prince seemed unbelievable. 

Then one day Prince brought a little electric car with hidden swords. This lead to a real understanding between the Teacher, Prince and Parents. The school instructed the parents to seek professional help and the child was asked to seek professional counselling and help ....

Parents explained that Prince is the only child and they really love him. They were worried about the little children who teased him at school and in the school bus. This made Prince to retaliate. It became impossible for the parents to supervise the bus rides and hence they would drive him to school. 

It was hard to get him to school on time. As the time to school approached, he would get slower and slower. The class work does not go that badly. Between the daily study routine and home, he manages alright. However, when he felt maltreated, he would tear up his work and refuse to do most things. 

Recess is the hardest time for Prince. Kids avoid him. The PT Sir would try to involve him in some game. But it does not work at all. Prince is too angry with his friends and himself. The home work battle is horrible. He would refuse to do work for an hour, then complain, break pencils, pens and irritate his mother. This case is currently in counselling care......