Mothers and Children at Counselling Clinics for Emotional Disturbance

Counsellor investigation with respect to 12 year old Siya who is dealing with a disturbed mother

Siya  is now 12 years old. Her father is very worried about Siya. He explained that Siya begins her day by getting up early because of the hostile environment at home. Siya lives nearby their  grand parents. Her father was very grateful that the Grandparents are nearby. The grandparents are grateful that Siya’s aunts and uncles live nearby. The uncle’s and aunt’s were grateful that their relatives lived near by...  Why? Siya requires an incredible combination of strength, patience, and endurance?

The hostile environment at home bothers Siya’s father. Breakfast is the first battleground of the day. Siya does not know if her mother will serve her breakfast before leaving for school. Siya seems to be able to sense how frustrated her mother is. Her mother is also very stubborn and might not even pack a lunch box for her.

So, most of the mornings Siya goes to school without breakfast or a lunch box. Her grandparents, uncles and aunts help her with some food. So, Siya’s mother is unable to do many things which are important. Siya begins to spend a lot more time with her grandparents and uncles and aunts. This annoys her mom. Her mother is busy in her own world. Then suddenly the mother interrupts Siya saying, “Let’s do something". The moment Siya begins to do something mother will interrupt saying, " No, Lets do something else"

Soon Siya will not want to continue and her mother will scream so hard that her voice would be so hoarse when her husband comes home. Little Siya, who was generally happy in her school environment now is very distracted in her school and the teachers complain that Siya will not ever do exactly what the teacher wants. Once she had a huge tantrum with her class mate. Siya generally got along with the other children until recently. Siya was following a “time out” plan as advised by her school counsellor. Nothing seemed to help Siya. Siya breaks the toys. She bangs the furniture. She screams and tells people that she hates them. After a few hours it is all over, but not always. Siya’s grandmother is very concerned about Siya. Finally the school instructs the parents to seek professional help. The family decides that the child needs help and they decide to visit a professional counsellor. Siya is a pretty intelligent child. She sat quiet next to her mother and spoke only when she was asked a question.

This is a current case in counselling. It is hard to know who is more excited about making life easier and pleasant, Siya or her mother..... This case story will continue.