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The Runaway Bride Syndrome

Courtesy: Thinkstock,Getty Twenty-nine-year-old Priya Gupta was to be married this month in an expensive and lavish wedding in Mumbai. She had known her fiancé for eight years, and the momentum that carried her like a wave toward the altar must have seemed unstoppable.

Priya had the wedding jitters in October. “Thankfully, I could express my concerns and doubts to my family,” says the brand manager. All she had to do was make it to mid-November, and then her fate  would be sealed. But things didn’t go that far. The wedding was called off, and Priya stayed at a friend’s house in Bangalore “to get away from everything” where, at last, she heaved a massive sigh of relief.

At least 50 per cent of all people getting married get a case of either cold feet or seem to have feet that want to run away from the altar. Now, it’s happening more so among women, for whom traditional definitions of marital roles are changing. Although a proposal is usually followed by “yes!” there may later come a ti…

Encourage to Shine - Deccan Chronicle

When Gauri Khan launched her decor store, superstar spouse SRK stayed away ensuring the spotlight stayed on her. When Gauri Khan launched her new decor store recently, superstar spouse Shah Rukh Khan stayed away from the event. It was a good move as it ensured that the spotlight stayed firmly on Gauri and her venture. In a relationship where one partner is better known or more successful, it can be easy to overshadow the other. Ensuring that the low profile partner also gets his or her moment to shine requires a fine balancing act. How do you show support but not divert attention away from a partner’s accomplishments? Divya Kumar Khosla, the wife of T-Series honcho Bhushan Kumar, says, delineating roles can be a good way to maintain the power balance for a couple. Divya, who briefly worked as an actress before settling down to marital bliss, and more recently, filmmaking (she directed Yaariyaan), says her husband is encouraging, but never interferes in her work. “Bhushan has always s…

Supporting Young Love - Deccan Chronicle 21st March 2014

On the latest episode of Koffee With Karan, when Kajol was quizzed about her sister Tanisha’s relationship with Armaan Kohli (which seemingly began when the two featured in the reality show Bigg Boss), she diplomatically shrugged out of answering the question. Reportedly, Tanisha’s family did not initially approve of the new man in her life, and have maintained a studied silence on the issue, only recently accepting it. It’s a situation you might find yourself in even if you’re not a celebrity. What do you do when a loved one is in a relationship with someone you dislike? How do you walk the line between expressing your reservations, but also giving this new entrant to the family a fair chance? In such situations, it’s important to respect the individual’s choice, as Tanisha’s family has done — no matter how contrary it may be to your own wishes, the experts we spoke to said. “First, acknowledge the relationship, accepting can happen later. Then the person will share what’s on their m…