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Promising Therapies for Patients with Comorbid Conditions - Alcohol and Other Drugs

Every day we work closely with individuals and families whose lives have been affected by alcohol and other drugs. The individuals make positive change and begin their journey to understand patterns of behaviour so empowering them to take responsibility and make rapid changes where necessary. The stories of alcoholics and drug addicts are often heart breaking. They are struggling to find a way out from addiction and dependence. Please read the following case studies of alcoholics and drug addicts and the services which helped them to change and start on the road of recovery.
Born in Ludhiana, Pink was the eldest of 4 four children. As a young girl she was extremely loving and attractive. She was intelligent but not hard working. She was very popular with her seniors. She rarely kept friends of the same age group. She had an active social life with her friends. They introduced her to many of their friends who were boys. They drank and smoked and they made her feel so wanted and popular.…