Promising Therapies for Patients with Comorbid Conditions - Alcohol and Other Drugs

Every day we work closely with individuals and families whose lives have been affected by alcohol and other drugs. The individuals make positive change and begin their journey to understand patterns of behaviour so empowering them to take responsibility and make rapid changes where necessary. The stories of alcoholics and drug addicts are often heart breaking. They are struggling to find a way out from addiction and dependence. Please read the following case studies of alcoholics and drug addicts and the services which helped them to change and start on the road of recovery.

Born in Ludhiana, Pink was the eldest of 4 four children. As a young girl she was extremely loving and attractive. She was intelligent but not hard working. She was very popular with her seniors. She rarely kept friends of the same age group. She had an active social life with her friends. They introduced her to many of their friends who were boys. They drank and smoked and they made her feel so wanted and popular. And she enjoyed it. Her antics were shocking to her family and those around her. Her father spotted her one day in a vehicle with five boys. He was shocked to see her drinking and smoking and at her indecent best. He immediately sought professional help for his daughter. The doctors advised relocation to another state. He took a decision and they arrived in Mumbai. Pink was not too happy. She got infatuated with a dashing doctor. She spent afternoons at his hospital and evenings dancing and drinking and smoking. The doctor demanded he met her father. Pink refused. After a few weeks, he locked her up in his room and requested her father come to the hospital. The doctor was scheduled to leave for his home town shortly. However, he prolonged his stay and decided to help Pink. The parents of the doctor objected to his decision and the doctor had to leave. Pink was admitted in the rehab that she was gripped with fear and had nothing to look forward to. She admitted that she had become a victim of her own unsettled and unhealthy imagination of life. She said that she knew that something had happened to her and it could never be repaired. She took an overdose of pills and said she was not in her own sense and had finally decided to commit suicide.

I had an opportunity to work with Pink’s behaviour and addiction.

1] Pink disliked her loneliness. She recounted the story of her affair with not less than 60 men. She was introduced to alcohol, smoking, drugs and sex. One of the most serious rifts occurred when she was introduced to prostitutes both male and female. While she was talking she went hysterical and threw herself down a flight of marble stairs.  

2] Much of her conflict stemmed from boredom and isolation.

3] She had become severely alcoholic and her behaviour had become erratic and she made no progress on any of her creative endeavours.

4]  She became obsessed with men and women who helped her to become dependent.

5] She was mentally and physically exhausted.

6[ She craved for substance, alcohol and men all of which were unpleasant company.

7] She was admitted in our care where, after months of observation and treatment and counselling and consultation with leading psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers, she is slowing improving. The clinic treated her primarily for substance abuse and sex addiction. She was released a year later, and she returned home, to see her mother, who was dying. Her health again deteriorated and she has returned to living in a psychiatric clinic.


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