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Understanding Behavioural Problems after Intermittent Explosions


HIS and HER Marital Relationship - Abuse Counselling - By Dr Pradnya J Ajinkya

Mohit was in great distress. He was unhappy with his wife. He complained that Divya was crude and she made no attempt to make him feel desired or desirable. Divya joined him in the sessions. Mohit and Divya were seen for a couple of sessions.
The couple live in a state called ‘cyle of abuse. Such behaviour includes verbal, physical, and emotional/mental in nature.
Mohit explained : My wife sat quietly in the car while returning from the party. ‘when you met me first time you said you weren’t sure if you were willing to marry me?” I frowned and said, “I felt that way then.” “So you allowed yourself to get married to me without being sure of what you wanted?” I readied myself for the “so you allowed yourself .....” argument for the 100th time. I am tired of this behaviour. I have seen her into a frenzy of “you don’t care” and I am getting tired of this behaviour that my wife adopts so often. I have seen her whip herself into a frenzy of “how could you- you don’t care” to an extent that I…