Casting light on the inter accompaniment of Life

CASE WORK - By Dr. Pradnya Ajinkya

Casting light on the inter accompaniment of Life

Disability and abuse counselling

1] Vasant, a 56 year old Indian was discharged from the hospital after he suffered a stroke. He was seen in counselling for identifying irrational thought processes and replacing the same with a functional belief system. He was experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety. He coped by drinking and smoking heavily. He was sober for about 37 days but was currently smoking two packs a day. 

Brainstorm counselling

2] Medha and Prabhu, married for 17 years were seen in couple counselling for finding out how couples and people stay happy in close relationships. The couple reported that their 17 year old relationship had estranged and finally ended. Medha strongly felt the need to talk. In the counselling, she reported that they had earlier claimed to be very happy and almost every time engaged in common goals and been attentive most of the times but was now since 7 years her husband was spending more time to alternatives. She found her husband watching pictures of younger girls and chatting for hours.

Adoption support counselling

3] Tress, an adopted girl of 15 years was seen in counselling for finding reasons to be hopeful about both emotional and behavioural conflicts. Tress is the only child to her adopted parents. Her biological parents were both drug addicts. She was adopted when she was 4 years old. She engaged in painful memories and used her anger as her defence with parents and friends.

Bereavement counselling
4] Sherry, a 46 year old lady was seen in bereavement counselling to make her pain more bearable and tolerable and to help forgiveness and healing and reinforcing position changes by imprinting the good feelings, positive thoughts, self worth, etc.  Sherry experienced intense grief and guilt after her mother passed away. She was fifteen years old then. Her relationship with her father had been cold and distant as a result of his remarriage. Sherry confessed that she cannot forget her mother. She felt tired when she remembered her step mother. She is very anxious and nervous when her husband is inattentive, just like he wants to ignore her.  

Sexual abuse and trauma counselling
5] Cherry, a 32 year old lady was seen in trauma counselling for identifying traumatic hyper real descriptions vs normal memory. Cherry accused her close family relative of sexually abusing her when she was a 4 year old child. The voices in her head kept telling her to shut up ! Forget ! Ignore ! She expressed feelings of a child who is physically and psychologically violated. Had current difficulty with intimate relationships and marriage. Feels threatened and triggered. She wondered if her state of mind was a specific reminder of the abuse.