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Are you suffering from New Parent Syndrome? Garvita Sharma, TNN | Dec 12, 2015

Are you suffering from New Parent Syndrome? , TNN | Dec 12, 2015, 02.15PM IST
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Half-finished sentences, inadequate time for your partner, newer responsibilities and fewer sweet nothings -is this how your life looks post the birth of your child? You are going through the New Parent Syndrome. According to a new study, after starting a family, parents kiss their partner less often, sex decreases, outings with friends reduce and `alone couple time' is a forgotten concept.

Being a new parent comes with its own share of responsibilities and difficulties. The entry of a new member may create anxiety amongst couples, and they may have a strained relationship with heir partner due to an invasion of privacy.

City-based counsellor Pradnya Ajinkya says, "This syndrome is influenced by a range of demographic, social and attitudinal variables; but not everyone experiences his syndrome."

Post the birth of their son, who is now 13 mon…