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My spouse is in love with me By Dr. Pradnya Jayant Ajinkya

This is an interesting case study about Jane and Rocky. Rocky is a 38  year old successful entrepreneur. Rocky is in love with someone else, and his wife still loves him though Jane feels threatened when she watches her husband talking to other women, like any other normal human being. Rocky explains to Jane that he has a special feeling for other women and they cause butterflies in his stomach when he hears their voice or even sees them. Rocky is still buzzing from a message he received from an office colleague who is a 30 year old stunner.  He tells Jane that he is attracted to this woman because she is good humored and confident and a bit of a handful. Jane wondered why Rocky treated her as an incomplete project and why she could not make him feel this good. Jane couldn't ensure that Rocky would stick around with the other woman in the future. Although Jane treated him great, Rocky felt very fortunate to have landed a 30 year old stunner. All the stories that Jane t…

Empowering couples to handle marital conflicts

By Dr. Pradnya Jayant Ajinkya
Jeevan and Siya, have been married 10 years. They were initially matched up by their parents.  Jeevan was Mumbai-based engineer and Siya was a chartered accountant when they met.  They were allowed to meet to get  to know each other and decide if a relationship was possible. Siya says that Jeevan met her expectations of an understanding husband, but when he started to avoid telling his parents he was with her, he made her very  uncomfortable. Jeevan says that after the initial meeting, and in between, there were daily phone calls. They would also arrange the next meeting which was continued with the next call. Things kept getting better and better. After a few weeks, parents felt that the relationship was working out. 
They were engaged. Jeevan says he wanted a few months more to know each other. However, in arranged marriages you don't wait long before that decision, the families started planning the wedding. The pair wed in Mumbai. Both …

Tricks to steal your heart and money By Dr. Pradnya Jayant Ajinkya

Trupti, divorced met Denver online 20 months ago. Trupti is a 38 year old lady who is diagnosed with compulsive decluttering and mood disorders. Trupti got hooked to some dating site and found Denver and she describes him as a good-looking, friendly, committed lover. 
She says that she is no longer lonely or unstable. According to Trupti, even under the best of circumstances, people still have major challenges. So she has defended her decision to sent a 3 crore to her online lover in Australia -- who she has never met. Denver keeps asking for money and Trupti insists that he is telling her the truth and she is convinced that he is in need and is not able to come home due to his various committments and hence she feels happy to help her mysterious boyfriend she has never met.
Trupti told the therapist in an interview that she believed in love and Denver would speak for hours on the phone each day. She described her several moments with Denver and was too happy that her handsome online…

NON DIVORCE By Dr. Pradnya Jayant Ajinkya

Ridhima, 42 met Shankar, 39 about 20 years back. Ridhima embarked on a trip after she walked away from her unhappy two-and-a-half year old marriage twenty years back. She was a young divorcee looking for a direction in life. Shankar was a bachelor and a tenant in her parents home. Ridhima found Shankar who was an ideally good friend and partner that could take her out of her unhappy marriage, as she desired. 
Shankar remembered his early life as a roller coaster of change. He never knew his birth father. He lived with his aunt who raised him. His mother was an abusive alcoholic and drug addict.
Ridhima craved stability and sought refuge in Shankar. They got married in a small and private wedding.  This is the 13th year of their marriage.  Slowly and steadily Shankar refused to lavish Ridhima with attention, closing all doors to a thrilling life together. He was talking and meeting other women. Shankar began making excuses for coming home late, sometimes staying all night out partying a…