My spouse is in love with me By Dr. Pradnya Jayant Ajinkya


This is an interesting case study about Jane and Rocky. Rocky is a 38  year old successful entrepreneur. Rocky is in love with someone else, and his wife still loves him though Jane feels threatened when she watches her husband talking to other women, like any other normal human being. Rocky explains to Jane that he has a special feeling for other women and they cause butterflies in his stomach when he hears their voice or even sees them. Rocky is still buzzing from a message he received from an office colleague who is a 30 year old stunner.  He tells Jane that he is attracted to this woman because she is good humored and confident and a bit of a handful. Jane wondered why Rocky treated her as an incomplete project and why she could not make him feel this good. Jane couldn't ensure that Rocky would stick around with the other woman in the future. Although Jane treated him great, Rocky felt very fortunate to have landed a 30 year old stunner. All the stories that Jane told the therapist reiterated how much she valued her husband, yet he was in a great comfort zone with other women.

All relationships have their challenges, and Jane and Rocky were no different. The elephant in the life of this couple was the other woman. While in therapy with Jane and Rocky through the first few weeks, I cautioned Jane not to put any pressure on her husband about the suffering relationship and the kids instead my advice was to let him fall in love with her. This worked like magic. It was no secret that Jane and Rocky wanted to be together. Rocky changed his mind a few months later. No matter how much he loved the other woman, he parted ways. True love will find you as long as you prioritize your life. Suzanne was Jane's friend, who was sad for Jane on various occasions, became very proud at how Jane handled herself in the marriage. According to Suzzane, Jane's better understanding Rocky's needs and point of view, and then creating the healthiest relationship helped him to treat her as a complete project.  Jane was convinced that Rocky bonded with her finally because she made him feel good. Rocky realized that he couldn't imaging life without Jane. And while Rocky and Jane are happy together, I was surprised when the couple actually gave a heartfelt credit to the therapy helping them. In a snippet of their note to the therapist Rocky noted that he changed and his heart was finally with Jane because he was in love with her.......Thanks....


  1. Thank you Dr.pradanya ajinkya , for your support and help , for my concerned behaviour change , I decided to take counselling and after having some sessions with Dr, I see change in my behaviour in my progress all for good, I m thank ful to meet her, i highly recommend her as she is great listner and helpful adviser , I see her often not that it's required any more but for being better and for my own progress i meet her , I hope she will be really helpful to you as much as she was with me , thank you Dr. Pradnya once again


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