Tricks to steal your heart and money By Dr. Pradnya Jayant Ajinkya

Trupti, divorced met Denver online 20 months ago. Trupti is a 38 year old lady who is diagnosed with compulsive decluttering and mood disorders. Trupti got hooked to some dating site and found Denver and she describes him as a good-looking, friendly, committed lover. 

She says that she is no longer lonely or unstable. According to Trupti, even under the best of circumstances, people still have major challenges. So she has defended her decision to sent a 3 crore to her online lover in Australia -- who she has never met. Denver keeps asking for money and Trupti insists that he is telling her the truth and she is convinced that he is in need and is not able to come home due to his various committments and hence she feels happy to help her mysterious boyfriend she has never met.

Trupti told the therapist in an interview that she believed in love and Denver would speak for hours on the phone each day. She described her several moments with Denver and was too happy that her handsome online friend was talking to her.  When they met he was in California and currently he is in Australia on business, she said. She is completely convinced that his professed love is true. 

However she has noticed a change in his voice but she has not wavered in her belief. She believes that he is a dashing businessman and his requirement for money is huge. She is in the process of selling both her apartments, owned by her to wire him to India. 

She believes he loves her and he is trying his utmost to make it to India and she too loves him.

It is taking many hours of counselling, to get Trupti to understand the significance of her actions. She was a latecomer to counselling,  previously considered, learnt to muddle up. She is being treated for backburner relationship dependency.


  1. We sought marital counselling from Dr.Pradnya. The major problems were differences in opinion,misunderstandings and unmet expectations.Dr.Pradnya helped us understand each other and overcome these issues.
    She is not only a good professional counselor,but also a very caring and helpful person.
    I would highly recommend her to all those in need of counselling.


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