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Counselling Changes Lives ........... By Dr Pradnya Jayant Ajinkya

Sarah 41,  has no reason for suspecting her husband. She accuses her husband of infidelity. It is a devastating way for Sarah to live  viewing the world and her marriage through a hyper vigilant lens. The couple are seen in counselling for a couple of weeks to overcome her fear and build intimacy with her husband. In therapy Sarah admits that she was cheated in the past by her boy friends. She also mistrusted her father who cheated on her mother for years. 
Suzanne 22, is seen in counselling to regain normalcy after the death of her close friend. She has just returned home from a funeral where she saw her close friend dead. She finds herself terrified most of the time, even at home and college. This stops her from enjoying life and performing even her daily routines. 
Jai and Gauri are seen in counselling for conflict resolution. They are engaged in conflict and they slash words at each other like swords. …

Youngsters now ‘haunt’ their exes on social media - Garvita Sharma

The term 'ghosting' — where your ex disappears, leaving behind no traces of them — has been given a new spin and the latest in the heartbreak dictionary is 'haunting'. Here, goodbyes are only for the real world and the ex still follows you virtually. While you may not get calls and texts from him/her, he/she still likes your pictures, comments on your status updates and keeps a tab on your online activities.

This deliberate detached-yet-attached attitude not just gives people mixed signals, but can also drive them crazy. Nineteen-year-old student Aayushi Mishra  says the guy whom she was in touch with on a dating app went incommunicado after the first meeting. But he continued to like her pictures. "We dated for a while, and he started acting crazy after the first meeting. So, I distanced myself. It's weird that he still likes and comments on my pictures and updates." While maturity plays an important role while tackling the situation, many admit they find…