My wife screams -- non stop for hours By Dr. Pradnya Ajinkya

Case: Reshma and Bhola feel their marriage has gone to hell. It is Reshma's second marriage and according to Bhola his wife is sad and gloomy for the majority of their marriage. Reshma often revisits an issue from the past  and discusses the issue for hours at a stretch. She also tells her family and friends about how horrible her husband is a  long with the parts they want to hear about him. They all hate him. He feels alone and horrible. 

Therapist: Let us examine a case where X has a nasty encounter with his colleague. The words echo and echo and echo in the brain and X cannot hear his own thoughts, only the words. These words rattle in the head for weeks. How can X help his brain to let these words go. The brain is artificially hanging on to an experience and this can drive X mad. X and Y simply can't live this way. Her husband Y along with X will have to review few response styles to enhance positive thinking, problem solving, social support, instrumental behavior. You can love each other anyway. You will get through at some point.