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#psychosocial - Life struggle with the truth By Dr. Pradnya Ajinkya

This is a case of a teacher who stood in front of her 6th grade and told the children that she loved them all the same. That was impossible, because in the first row, was a little girl named Bren. Bren was her daughter. In the school where the teacher taught, she was required to review each child's performance. The teacher wrote that each time I reviewed my daughter's report, I was surprised, "Bren is an excellent student, well liked by her classmates, but is troubled because her mother is her teacher and she must perform well." Bren is second in the birth order. Her elder sister also studies in the same school. Both the children are very close to their father. However, Bren always felt that her father was missing a male child. When she remembered this she cried and cried and cried. Both parents paid particular attention to both the children. The more they encouraged them, the faster they responded. By the end of her education, Bren had become one of the smartest in…

#Mentalhealth - When you've been hurt By Dr. Pradnya Ajinkya

2012 : For Grace this moment of being away from her parents and studying abroad was a journey of self discovery and progress on. Her parents encouraged her to never be afraid to embrace newness and happily witness it unravel. "You will always be in our thoughts and prayers, wherever you are, whatever you do...." her parents said. She confidently marched ahead, head held high... She believed in herself and the test of each moment. She was a very loving and selfless person and shared all the sweetness from within her. She majored in Economics and was nominated for an award saying she was hard worker and pleasure to be around. She completes all her work in a timely manner and always brings positive attitude to her environment. We are excited to see what her future holds? They were extremely proud of Grace. Her focus and emphasis on doing well in the classroom and outside was a great example. Her friends believed in her and they wanted to last with her for a lifetime. 
2016 :  …

#Mentalhealth - Rising above difficult circumstances in a marital relationship By Dr. Pradnya Ajinkya

Rakhi is married to Abhi for almost two years. Friends who knew them and connected them remarked them as a touchy-feely couple. They were an intimate couple and would try to link hands and sit side side by side where ever possible. They always remembered to gift and please each other. It was an expression of love and a gesture of intimacy. They found their mutual friend a trustworthy connector. The in-laws found that Abhi and Rakhi shared similar interests and cultural values. They also spoke the same language. They were raised in the same city. They were both pious. Their conversations with the family were pretty lucid and all of them seemed to share the same sense of humour. All this added to a wonderful experience of getting to know someone and courting someone and the families. So the chances for a relationship and maintaining it in the long run became the common ground for each and everyone. Both Abhi and Rakhi were financially very well off. Rakhi was also well established in h…

#marriagecounselling - Predictable patterns of marriage strain - By Dr. Pradnya Ajinkya

Predictable patterns of marriage strain By Dr. Pradnya Ajinkya
Here is the case study of Rinkie a 46-year old woman. Her father's first wife died when his older two children were tiny, so he remarried. She remained the only child of the second wife. She was totally over protected from the first wife’s relations and her children. Whenever she was in a stressful situation - with school, friends, relationships - she was bailed out. Few years ago, she married her childhood sweetheart even though they had split up many times. There were huge conflicts between her and him about their relatives, whose family is better and whose mother is better. A year ago, they had a baby girl. It exacerbated all of the problems in the relationship and between the two families. And it always comes back to the mothers, the families, the differences, and which is better. She can't get her mother-in-law out of her mind, and has an inability to concentrate on work because she's so obsessed with the…