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#RELATIONSHIP MINDSETS Trying to talk himself out of trouble By Dr. Pradnya Ajinkya

1] She can trigger me. I am so scared. I never want to be so weak. 
2] I lost it Ma'am. I was already walking the edge. 
3] I know implicitly that she doesn't consider me. It demeans me. See where it has led me. 
4] She believes that she is the epitome of a perfect celebrity who can really never make any mistakes and says and does the right things. 
5] She loads wholly on me. Where do I go? 
6] Fifteen years back, I would have said, 'it can't happen to me.'  
7] Though I recognize her core, I can't deal with this. She makes me helpless. 
8] She breathes in the same statements. I am not in any mental situation to answer her queries. 
9] I was appauled beyond measure on Saturday. She attacked me verbally. She went into a rant, rant and rant. It went on for 6 hours.
10] Her words are really bad and cruel. Dear Ma'am she represents what my demon is.
11] She leads me to believe that I can never change. She cannot find "variability" in my behavior.
12] Then she wi…