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Entering into the marriage with post traumatic stress By Dr. Pradnya Ajinkya

Abraham is having trouble sleeping for past several weeks and his mother is concerned about his health. He wakes up at irregular intervals and refuses to go to sleep at his regular bed time. As a child his mother rocked him back to sleep. The cycle has come to repeat. Abraham who is 33 years old today is completely dependent on mother to get back his sleep. Abraham's wife complains that she grew less tolerant and the two have become sensitive and argumentative.
Several questions relating to Abraham and his family:
a] Abraham's mother is a widow who lost her husband when Abraham was 7 years old.
b] Abraham was the youngest of four children. 
c] Abraham's mother resumed college after her husband died on a part time basis and completed her education when Abraham was 12 years old.
d] Her plans were definite. She spends a lot of time with her children and lived in a small home and managed to make ends meet. Finances were a concern to the family. She met all the educationa…


Case 1
My 10 year old child hits other children. Other parents feel and call my child a “bad boy” or “naughty boy”. They have reinforced the negative image of my child both in my own mind and in my child’s. The first thing I feel is embarrassment and shame, followed closely by a fear that my child may have a “mean” streak. I wonder how to tell my child?
Your son may be under one or many of the stress triggers that may have made him act out. Teaching instead of punishing becomes easier. For instance, instead of, “Why did you do that? I don’t understand how you can be so mean sometimes” you will be in a much better situation to say “That wasn’t the best behavior  --  we do not hit our friends”.

Case 2
No matter how strong I think I am, unforeseen change can leave me feeling quite vulnerable and lost. The past three days have been the most difficult. I am a part of reeling in confusion and pain. My family is experiencing the emotional roller-coaster of finding out I am pregnant at 1…

Rethinking the relationship cycle By Dr. Pradnya Ajinkya

"Please, please, please help my son," a mother whimpers.
The emotional battle that my son Robin has been fighting has left him a stressed man, struggling to win back from a social system trying to consume him. It was the fifth evening after my son had left his rental home, and to his surprise, while Robin in his friend's flat was looking over a new play, Sukanya came along with her friends and threatened him to return home. "It sounds very absurd. I don't agree with you," my son said, loudly. Then Sukanya and her friends threatened to punish Robin before they left.
Case conceptualization with Robin
"I met Sukanya in the tail end of '11.  Evidently she is a cleverer woman than what I took her for. I feel that there are deeper and more serious matters that I have suffered than the mere solution of the mystery of separation,' said Robin shutting his teeth tightly together. Robin took a deep breath and then returned with a rapid mental photograph of…