1] Mohini's psychological, psychiatric and neurological conditions are at risk at each of these stages because even prior to conception, Mohini was genetically predisposed to mental illness.

2] Fistal's delusional, paranoid, alcoholic, manic depressive symptoms consisting with a diagnosis of bipolar II disorder or with organic effective illness.

3] Chetna's struggle with alcohol and drug abuse with psychotic symptoms and a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

4] Sayoni's life filled with chronic torture. At an early age, she learned to use glue and other substances to medicate away her emotional response to the multiple trauma to which she was subjected.

5] Kemaya's school records which provide early indication of neurological impairment. She exhibited attention problems, an inability to learn Math, signs of organic brain damage and symptoms of depression.

6] Jiten's social factors which had a prolonged effect on development and his environment prohibited his development of an emotional or cognitive ability to cope.

7] Videsh's serious memory deficits and the neurological symptom of confabulation to fill the gaps in his memory.

8] Brij is reunited with his alcoholic and abusive biologic father who provided him with a chaotic and desperate life of hunger and instability.

9] Tara who was abandoned by her biological parents and was sent to live with her grandparents. The school records document learning disabilities, and give description to severe emotional and intellectual disabilities which were never adequately addressed by the school.


Breakdown in trust
Sexual problems
Jealousy and anger
Domestic  violence and abuse
Poor communication
Power imbalances
Extra marital affairs
Divorce counselling