Is the anti-agenda holiday the detox you need? Ismat Tahseen | TNN

We've all had holidays that are packed to capacity when it comes to sightseeing and eating out. But that's passe. Say hello to a break that's actually putting the brakes on your stress and worries. It's a 'slow holiday' - the anti-vacation which is opposite to the usual rush and frenzy to do more, see more and eat more. Since a holiday is meant to relax and de-stress you, experts are hailing it as the real detox. And folks have been there and tried it...

'We used to end up fatigued while shopping for friends and family'
Andheri-based IT consutant Nishith Mehta and wife Rakhi embarked on the 'nothing to do' break last April and since then they said all their six getaways have been the most rested ever. "Can you imagine not doing anything but lazing by a pool or visiting a city and just stopping by any cafe we like with nothing to tick off from a notebook? That's what our breaks are like now," he says, adding, "Earlier, all I can remember of our vacations was a rush to see places and then shop, in fact we used to grow tired of trying to head out and shop for things for our friends and family members." 

Adds Tejas Shah a stockbroking expert, "I have a stressed job and when I go on a holiday, somehow I pack in too much to do, so I end up with another whirlwind schedule even though I am so far away from the office. A friend mentioned slow travel to me and I decided to try that on my last vacation. I opted to just go on a cycling tour of Vietnam. It was simple, laidback and so non-hurried. I think everyone should try this once," he recalls.

Expert speak: Slow down to enjoy yourself better
Doing all the touristy things you can may seem like fun but they're affecting you and you may not realise it, say experts. Psychotherapist Nita Jhaveri affirms this. "Think of over packing a bag, wont it burst at its seams? This is just like that. Fast-paced breaks can leave you feeling fatigued and frazzled, maybe even more than you were before you went on a vacation. So instead, do less and focus on being at the present moment and relaxing." Adds psychologist Dr Pradnya Ajinkya, "Keep the agenda minus any fuss. Slow down to enjoy yourself better. Limit other areas of activity such the number of hours of exploring. Immerse yourself in the moment and don't be in a rush to tick off things from a guide book."