Inside The Mind - Dr Pradnya Ajinkya

Kailash -- Husband
I really wish someone wakes up my wife and brings her to the reality of this marriage. We clearly have difference in thoughts about the expected lifestyle we are in after marriage. I am willing to get her married to anyone of her choice. She may be upset for a short duration, but will recover with time. This is something that doesn’t happen commonly but can become right later.

Sayli -- Wife
I am saddened by the fact that my husband is preparing mentally to leave me. This is the same man who would lament to himself that he would never find another Sayli. Today, he has forgotten what he looked like then. I virtually live in a fairy tale world.  It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that to me marriage is the first word I understand after mummy and papa. I am horrified to discover his hidden thoughts about remarrying me to someone else. Are these thoughts a natural extension of how things have been in his mind even before he married me?  Here’s the kicker, though — I am halfway through my pregnancy. Even just talking this right now, almost seems like a terrible nightmare. I am gravely injured and I can’t think. He believes that I will stay in our home and deliver the child. I believe that reconciliation may be possible and melt his heart when the child is involved.  Please help me. My karmic destiny!

It’s so unclear if that the husband is still going through with the divorce, despite the birth.....