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Behavioural Development in People By Dr. Pradnya Ajinkya

Be Yourself! Money can be linked to a happy marriage..

Isabella's parents decided that to understand and value a marital relationship they have to look at the financial strength of the individuals. They agreed that their daughter's secret marriage would not be accepted by them. Together the couple figured that they wished to share, values, and strong faith and trust in each other.  Despite being normal, this idea made her parents very uncomfortable and they decided that Isabella should leave Vernon and constantly brain washed her by referring to conflicting dogmas and about how people do not think when they fall in love, hence full stop
Vernon : How do I deal with disagreeing in-laws ? And, perhaps most importantly, how do I stop the remarriage of my wife?

1] These are the views of some parents. The man in concern is discussing his deep misgiving about his marriage, why he resents being financially weak compared to his wife's family and how the dynamic with his wife is aff…