Behavioural Development in People By Dr. Pradnya Ajinkya

Be Yourself! Money can be linked to a happy marriage..

Isabella's parents decided that to understand and value a marital relationship they have to look at the financial strength of the individuals. They agreed that their daughter's secret marriage would not be accepted by them. Together the couple figured that they wished to share, values, and strong faith and trust in each other.  Despite being normal, this idea made her parents very uncomfortable and they decided that Isabella should leave Vernon and constantly brain washed her by referring to conflicting dogmas and about how people do not think when they fall in love, hence full stop
Vernon : How do I deal with disagreeing in-laws ? And, perhaps most importantly, how do I stop the remarriage of my wife?

1] These are the views of some parents. The man in concern is discussing his deep misgiving about his marriage, why he resents being financially weak compared to his wife's family and how the dynamic with his wife is affecting his marriage.

2] Money is emotional and sensitive, and we respect that each person makes individual choices.  And frankly, many don’t have time to think about it before commiting in love.
3] The couple got there. They have been together since about 5 years and married since 3 months. She promised him that she would buy her own house and for a while she would be the sole owner of her apartment. 

4] He supported her for obvious reasons. He takes the role of Mr. caregiving mom  -- cooking, cleaning, and being there for her always. 

5] She works with an event planning company with a steady pay check. And they need this income to pay all of the bills. He is happy with what he does and says he is supposedly looking for better opportunities. She forwards job opportunities to him, but each time he has other arguments against getting a job. For the parents, these excuses are buoyed by the fact that he has no money and they disapprove of their daughter's marriage. 

6] What next? Parents, Isabella and Vernon feel that they are at a breaking point!

Non-confrontational! No problem standing up for the right reasons.. 

1] My younger sister, Mia and elder brother-in-law seem to have gotten quite close. They have given each other back rubs and foot-rubs. My sister is good, involved with all of us and her husband, and seemingly affectionate mother, so it’s not as if she is filling some void. Am I just being paranoid, but there is something more, which if revealed can tear the family apart? 

2] She told Mia about why she should move out of this behaviour. Mia Knows exactly how to apologise, promise she will change. 

3] Mia says that she will not marry her brother-in-law, and he won't get away.

4] So what makes this behavior a pushover, and sister seems puzzled by it, too!

Revenge : Another word for justice..

Wife: My husband and his friends raped me, reported a young married girl after her husband filed for divorce. 

Husband: “What is her motive and does she have an evidence to substantiate this claim?” shocked husband.  

The first question is what happened in a case file minus any suspect information looking for the best possible analysis of the crime. 

1] What happened?

2] Did her husband abduct her or did he and his friends sneak into her room?

3] Looking at every little thing that was done before, during, and after the crime, it became important to determine why it would have been done.  

4] Did he decide that his wife would leave him in the open, and she tried to hide the case up to divorce?

5] The wife has been posting happy pictures with her husband and family members before and after the incident. 

a] Can it indicate forced entry into her room and rape? There is no mention of any sexual assault or defensive wounds for almost 3 years, and she was not seeing anyone for help and enjoyed being treated with expensive gifts from her husband and does not want to take the divorce from her husband even today.  

b] Drugs and alcohol are also not a part of their life. And she did not look like a victim who was attacked and injured.  

c] Her husband also does not look like the explosive criminal who can injure his wife.

1] No rage and no remorse before or after the scene. 

2] There is no evidence to show before or after that she was pushed to the brink. 

3] Did the victim want to say that since the accused had a positive relationship with her, she did not raise an alarm immediately and later. There is also no earlier criminal record. 

4] After having been so emotionally invested, he has now decided to break the relationship and wants nothing to do with her. She convincing him to take her back and she being told that he couldn’t accept her after the fake tragic event documented to get him back points out to revenge? 

Carsmith : When people do get revenge, they can no longer trivialize the situation. Instead, they go over and over it and feel worse, or maybe it also makes them feel better.